Reviews of the debut episode I made for Vice Motherboard’s brand new show, pluspluspodcast!

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THE SIX: Katie Jensen makes her pix!

Capital Espresso (1349 Queen St. W.) 

After a late night of producing, my first stop is Capital Espresso in Parkdale. Crumbling orange brick walls, familiar faces and espresso so mean, it practically claps back in your mouth. An informal workspace for freelance graphic designers, writers and producers who hate their dank apartments – your next creative collaborator is just waiting for you to watch their laptop for a second. But don’t spill your Americano on their MacBook – it’s too good to waste.

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The Strange Life and Death of Sam Maloney

(Episode 1 – pluspluspodcast from Vice Motherboard)

A hacker, a revolutionary, a racist crusader, a father, a husband, a university student, a son, and a friend: Sam Maloney was all of these things, depending on who you ask.
Toronto-based reporter Jordan Pearson & producer Katie Jensen investigate the work, software, and secret life of the 35-year-old programmer, who was shot and killed under mysterious circumstances by police in London, Ontario.


dream erasure

100% Canadian weirdos. Ambient, stark drone, and teeth-on-edge experimental noise.

1. I – Clara Engel
2. Dysnomia – Mooons
3. PL10A – Tresilaze
4. Fifth Transcombobulation – Mike Smith & Jonathan Adjemian
5. Far Out – Phillipe Lauzier





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some of the amazing submissions to Weird Canada that I listened to this week!

1. A Side – Hutchie
2. B Side – Hutchie
3. 22 (Foreboding) – Kilmanjaro
4. Volumetric Clouds – Eccinaccea
5. Flâneur/Frotteur – J Ryan Halpenny
6. Darlin’ Moloch – J Ryan Halpenny
7. Une année à Halifax – Off Season

(all Canadian ℀)